Yummy pesto pasta…

…was on the menu for lunch today. Nice and simple, cook the pasta open the jar of pesto and hey presto (or should that be hey pesto? LOL!) a very lazy and very tasty lunch.

Lunch was the word for today over at Fat Mum Slim’s photoadayjuly challenge. What did you have? I’d love to know!

Have a great week ahead, whether it be summer holiday time or just an ordinary week, I hope it’s a good one xxx


15 thoughts on “Yummy pesto pasta…

  1. Mmm pesto can be so delicious … For lunch, we had shredded carrotts, vegetarian “burger”, a yogurt & cantaloupe. It was pretty simple but everything was organic & super tasty !
    Thank you for being around on the blog, it’s been so quiet for sure. Summer makes everyone desert the online space. Normal, I know. πŸ™‚
    xoxoxo big hugs

    • Sonia, thank you so much! Your kind comments mean a lot to me. I will be around as much as possible but the holidays in two weeks will make me quieter I suspect, as with everyone. I am going to try to continue with photoaday though…I am really enjoying it!!

      Your lunch sounds like it was absolutely delicious! What’s on the menu tomorrow? I may have to fly over!! Sending you a huge hug xxx

  2. What a great idea – I love Pesto, although I haven’t had it in ages (but I will now). Mr Woollyduck doesn’t like it because he says it tastes like Christmas trees! I don’t know how he knows – maybe he chewed on a branch when he was small? xx

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