Wild flowers

In our local park, which is only a hop…skip…and jump away from our house, they have a really beautiful bed of wild flowers which at the moments looks absolutely stunning. It is one of my favourite parts of the park and I wanted to share it with you.

I hope your Sunday is going just fine. We are doing something and nothing today which is nice. We had a slight moan (more of a grunt) over homework but it is now done!

Happy wishes for the coming week lovely people.

Jane xx

Not a wild flower but just as beautiful…I love hydrangeas.


4 thoughts on “Wild flowers

  1. Oh, the homework moan, we always have those too. The fox gloves are looking particularly stunning round here right now. We’ve had a little outing this afternoon and now I’m worn out so it will be some r&r tonight 😉

  2. What is it with homework moans! Foxgloves at stunning aren’t they. Glad you have managed to get out for a bit but make sure you do get to r & r! A nice warm, relaxing bath would do the trick. J xx

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