Pick your own

My son and I couldn’t decide what to do today and neither could the weather, this was part of our problem. I had a little think and suddenly strawberry picking popped into my head! J was most definitely up for it as he just loves strawberries, so I rang my mum and dad and asked if they would like to join us, and they did.

We drove to a lovely farm called Eastfield in a really pretty village, not far from us, called Tickhill. I haven’t been strawberry picking for years and it was really enjoyable plus the rain held off while we were there. It was so much fun looking for the ripest looking fruits and the smell was wonderful.

We stopped for a cuppa at my parent’s house on the way back and guess what? J and my dad tucked into their strawberries straight away…yum!

I hope you are having a great Saturday, I’d love to know what you are up to?

Have a fantastic weekend!

Jane xx

p.s. these images have been edited using pic monkey introduced to me by Hannah from hanmade by hannah madden…thanks!


8 thoughts on “Pick your own

  1. Beautiful photos Jane! We have done some strawberry picking but the berries were rather small…yet tasty! Our day is filled with backyard pool, sprinkler and laundry. Tomorrow we are off for a little vaca.

  2. aaaah wonderful ! I bet you all loooved it ! I think strawberries are over now, over here (maybe I’m wrong). We’re knee deep into peaches & cantaloupes, yummy !! Have a glorious rest of your weekend ! oxox

  3. Hi Sweet Friend! It sounds like you all had a great day! We love picking strawberries, too! Guess what I did yesterday… I had a pedicure at the spa! It was so nice and relaxing and now I have pretty pink toes!
    Hope you have a great evening,

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