Seems like ages…

…since my last post but it isn’t really, just over a week!

Last week I had the interview for my job, which I was pretty much scared to death about, but actually turned out great…I got it!! I will now be a mix of events and marketing which will be a change and I will endeavor to embrace it, plus I get a little more money. My interview (which I nearly required a brown paper bag prior to) went a lot better than I thought and a few things I learnt about myself are (wets lips and prepares to blow own trumpet):

I am not as stupid as I think I am

I do a pretty good job

I do not have to make a complete fool of myself in interviews because I do actually know what I am talking about

Try to say ‘errr’ a little bit less next time

Today I worked on the Olympic Torch relay as it came through my town and what an amazing few hours we had. The town was packed and their was such a fantastic atmosphere, I was very proud to have been a part of it. There have been so many inspirational people carrying the torch, I have felt truly humbled.

Anyway, just thought I would show my face and let you know my bit of news. I will leave you with some photos from the last week.

Hope your week is going wonderfully so far!

Jane xx

This box is an amazing gift given to me by some friends who were clearing a relatives house. I adore the box and what’s more it is full of buttons!!

Molly…she is such a sweetie!

Olympic Torch Relay – taken by my husband in our local park.


7 thoughts on “Seems like ages…

  1. Hi Jane! So glad things are going well! Congrats on getting your job:) I’m not surprised at all!
    How exciting to have the torch come through your town! We were just talking about the Olympics at breakfast and I wondered if you would get to see some of the events!
    I saw the torch when it came through Greenville, SC.1996, I think!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    • Hi Elizabeth, thanks so much for your kindness (always), you are a special person.

      Yes it was so exciting, I had a shudder down my spine as the torch bearer ran past me!! I am more of a tennis girl so will be watching a bit of Wimbledon when I can but it is exciting to be the Olympic hosts!!! Will you and your family watch any of the Olympics on TV?

      I was so relieved to get my job situation sorted out and have come out of it feeling a bit more confident.

      I hope you are having a fantastic week?

      Take care
      Jane xxx

  2. First of all I must apologize for the lack of visit, June’s been busier than I planned. And then … HEY CONGRATULATIONS on the new job, I am so happy & relieved for you my friend !
    Sending you my sweetest hugs xoxox

    • Hey there lovely!! No need to apologize Sonia at all, I know how it is life just takes over. I have not been around much myself either, it just happens that way sometimes. I hope you are well my friend. I hope to catch up with people this weekend sometime. Take care and thanks for popping by. Sending huge hugs back to you!!! Jane xxxx

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