Mid-week hello and giveaway reminder

Hi and how is your week going? Good I hope! I was back at work today but it was a good day so didn’t seem so bad plus I am only working until 2.30pm tomorrow which is a bonus!!

I am also quite giddy about going to see this on Friday with my husband for a belated birthday treat. It has had really good reviews and John Simm is a fantastic actor. I will let you know my thoughts on the play at the weekend. Do you have any plans for the upcoming weekend?

I also just want to gently remind you, if you haven’t already, that you can enter my giveaway. You can win a brooch and a ring made just for you plus I will also be sending the lucky winner a post-war cookbook which looks great and 3 of my handmade greeting cards. So go on, don’t be shy, give my giveaway a try!!

Happy Wednesday and I hope the rest of your week goes well.

Jane xx


4 thoughts on “Mid-week hello and giveaway reminder

    • Thanks Elizabeth! I am very much looking forward to the Theatre : ) I hope you are having a great Thursday? What’s the weather like in Charlotte? Rain all the way here : ( J xxx

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