Is there something happening this weekend?

Well folks the Jubilee weekend is here and I’ll be honest I am quite excited about it all!

I have been working on a marketing campaign for work for an event in my town tomorrow for about 3 months now so you’d think I’d have had my fill. Oh no not true! I am just praying that the weather is dry so that everyone can have a really great time. I am hoping it brings the community together just for one day and we can all smile and have a great time together.

There’s going to be lots of entertainment including music, dance, bunting & crown making, a mini steam railway, vintage market (very excited about this!), old-fashioned games, tea dancing and we even have a stilt walking Elvis!!

I will try to take some photos and let you have a look in a future post.

Here are a few images given to us by a very kind gentleman as part of our event. They are from the Queen’s Coronation celebrations in my town in 1953.

The last photograph is of my mum when she was around 11 years old. In the background you can just see a painting of a crown on the wall. All the street had a party in their yards, my mum says it was wonderful.

I just love the social history of things like this, it fascinates me.

Whatever you have planned for this weekend I hope you have fun, even if you are escaping from the Jubilee madness!

Jane xx


2 thoughts on “Is there something happening this weekend?

  1. I hope your event worked out – I’m sure it really is hard work planning something like that, but well worth the effort 🙂

    The stilt-walking Elvis sounds rather unusual – I’d love to see a photo if you have one!

    Enjoy the rest of the (wet) weekend.

    Angela x

    • Hi Angela,

      It was fantastic! Loads of people just having a great time together, we couldn’t have asked for more. Yes the stilt-walking Elvis was rather ‘unusual’ but people loved him!

      Hope you have a great weekend too albeit as you say ‘wet’!

      Jane xx

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