70s inspired

Hi and a ‘Happy Saturday’ to you. What’s the weather like where you are? Hope it’s sunny, but just in case it’s not, I thought I would brighten your day with my new 70s inspired brooches. They go great with a skinny t-shirt and flares!!

Any plans for this weekend? We have been quite lazy today, although we did manage a walk in the park earlier. My husband and I are off to a 40th birthday celebration later – hope it’s like Abigail’s Party that would be great and very 70s!!

Have a fab weekend and just for a bit of fun, what’s one of your favourite 70s memories? Mine is a fantastic holiday we had in St Ives, Cornwall, it was hot all fortnight and we went to the beach every day – brilliant!!

Take care

Jane xx


7 thoughts on “70s inspired

  1. Lovely brooches. I’m struggling to remember the seventies 😉 …erm… Bay City Rollers?? The Osmonds? David Cassidy? Tomahawks and Choppers? Power cuts. That’s about it.

  2. More lovely brooches!

    My memories of the seventies were probably the same as yours Jane – playing out all day without any cares or worries that kids seem to have nowadays.

    I don’t recall noticing all the bad taste in clothing & decor at the time (but I do when I look back at old photos!).

    The two things that do stick out in my mind though are the vinyl car seats that used to burn the back of your legs in the summer, and going to primary school in your own clothes!

    *sigh* happy days 🙂

    Angela x

    • Thanks so much for sharing your memories, I loved reading this!! Life was so simple then or so it seemed and yes the clothing and decor! Everything in our house was brown!! I also have a photo of me in a vile green outfit with a matching ribbon in my hair that makes me look like ‘helicopter head’ and that I may take off at any moment!!! Thanks mum! So funny though : ) Hope you are having a great weekend. Jane xx

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