…and I feel so upset. Yes, the baby blackbirds are gone, they are not in the nest, it is empty and I can’t believe it.

We spotted 3 of them in the end and have been keeping an eye on them all weekend. They were there yesterday and now they are not. I believe they were too young to leave the nest but I am hoping more than anything that I am wrong and that they are somewhere learning how to survive out of the nest.

I have seen Mr Blackbird but not Mrs Blackbird so all in all I am at a total loss as to what has happened. I will let you know if I spot them…I really hope I do!

I hope the start of your week was a good one…mine feels a little sad now : (

Take care.

Jane xx


4 thoughts on “Gone…

  1. I’ve always dreaded the idea of having birds nesting in my garden, because, just like you, I’d feel so responsible for them! I’m sure that they will all be fine though & with their Mum somewhere nearby x

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