New life

There is new life in our garden in the form of two (as far as we can see) Blackbird chicks that we have now managed to spot through the dense shrub all snuggled up in Mr & Mrs Blackbird’s beautiful nest…aaahhhh!

Pillow case Baby Blackbird 16x16 inch 40x40cm for throw pillow or accent pillow

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My husband sent me a text at work to say he had spotted the chicks and I must admit I had my suspicions this morning when I saw Mr Blackbird going into the bush with a worm in his beak. I could not wait to get home from work to see them for myself! I went outside as soon as I got in and wow there they were and boy are they sweet.

The nightingale has a lyre of gold,
The lark’s is a clarion call,
And the blackbird plays but a boxwood flute,
But I love him best of all.  

For his song is all of the joy of life,
And we in the mad, spring weather,
We two have listened till he sang
Our hearts and lips together.  

by William Henley

Mr & Mrs Blackbird certainly have something to sing about now, don’t they?

Just wanted to share the news with you folks. I hope you have had a good week so far, only one more day until the weekend – Hurrah!!

Jane xxx


6 thoughts on “New life

    • Nature at her best Sonia. Trouble is I feel so responsible for their safety! I will keep checking on them but mum and dad are being very good parents, they are well fed babies!! xxxx

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