Mr & Mrs Blackbird and the incidents in the garden

Well goodness me what a morning…not for me but for poor Mr & Mrs Blackbird.

It all started when the cat, lovely though he is, from two houses down came for a little visit. Now he is adorable (as you can see from the picture) and we had a good old fuss and a stroke, he was a happy boy.

Then suddenly he heard rustling in the bush where Mrs Blackbird is nesting and that was it his attention was all about the rustling! Now I know this is nature folks, we’ve all seen Sylvester and Tweety pie, but there is no way I was letting our furry ginger visitor ruin what I have been witnessing for the past weeks. Mrs Blackbird, I think, was blissfully unaware of her furry spy but Mr Blackbird was in the tree keeping an eye on the situation, as was I, only I wasn’t in the tree.

Anyway, you’ll be glad to know that our furry friend got bored pretty soon after and went on his merry way. Phew, I wiped my sweating brow.

An hour or so later I was just about to have shower when I heard a real hullabaloo from my bedroom window. I ran through to see what was going on to find Mr & Mrs Blackbird and a very unwanted guest having a full on fisticuff. The unwanted guest was a magpie and big though he was he was absolutely no match for my pair of blackbirds. Mrs Blackbird was having none of it I can tell you, she actually pecked the magpie a few times and I had all on not shouting ‘you go girl!’.

The fiasco went on for about 5 minutes, Mr & Mrs Blackbird ensuring that their unwanted guest knew where he stood and knew he was well and truly not invited.

They have settled down now, you’ll be pleased to know, Mrs Blackbird had a feed and then returned to the nest and Mrs Black bird has straightened his feathers and  resumed position in the apple tree. Double phew, wipes even sweatier brow.

Anyway now the drama is over I wish you a very happy Sunday whatever you have planned. We are off to my parents for lunch so catch you later.

Take good care and thanks for popping by.

Jane xx


7 thoughts on “Mr & Mrs Blackbird and the incidents in the garden

  1. Wow, drama! I have a tree/bush near the window where a bird feeder hangs. The cats always sit watching avidly at the bottom of the tree but not for the birds. I think there is a nest of mice around there somewhere. I have seen the occasional mouse nibbling away on the peanut feeder in the same tree too.

    • Drama indeed! It’s so nice to see nature in your back garden isn’t it. Not sure about the mice though, as long as they stay outside. One shacked up with out rabbit last year and it was so tiny and cute but still outside is best!! Hope you’ve had a fab weekend! xx

      • Occasionally the odd mouse does manage to sneek inside but usually doesn’t live to regret it due to Trouble the cat. If Big J had his way he would keep them all as pets!

  2. I could almost hear the squawking as I read about the Magpie incident! They make so much noise when they are distressed don’t they? I’m glad that they settled down in the end though, & you hopefully had a peaceful Sunday lunch x

    • It was such a noise bless them! I was so proud they had managed to fend it off though. Had a lovely lunch thanks. Hope you have had a fab weekend too? Any wildlife incidents? xx

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