On her nest


Hello and how are you? Middle of the week already and surprise, surprise it’s raining. I am seriously contemplating building a boat as I feel it may be needed at any time! I mean I know the saying ‘April Showers’ but seriously this needs changing to ‘April Monsoon’.

Anyway enough about the weather and on to Mr and Mrs Blackbird, I promised an update didn’t I? Well, Mrs Blackbird is well and truly sat on the nest, I managed a little peep and she peeped back at me with a slightly concerned expression so I have not peeped again, well only a very small peep today. Mr Blackbird is still present and twittering away to reassure his lovely lady. It’s all so sweet, nature at its best, but I do wish for their sake this rain would stop, Mrs Blackbird must be feeling very damp and it can’t be any fun for Mr Blackbird in the apple tree!

I will not bore you with endless updates but if anything exciting happens I will let you know.

I hope you are having an extremely jolly week so far (despite the rain if you have it) and hope the rest of it is just as jolly!

Take care

Jane : ) x


6 thoughts on “On her nest

  1. aw, thank you for keeping us posted about the Blackbird family ! So very sweet !!
    Sorry about the constant rain you’ve been having, all I have to say is that April over here was almost all kinds of weather & temps (except snow & hail) A very crazy month of April for sure ! It’s been very windy these days over here, and I’m looking forward to it to stopping, I really dislike strong winds !

    • It has been a crazy few months for weather the end of March was like Summer!! I hope the wind subsides for you and that the rain is not too heavy. Have a wonderful rest of the week Sonia! Jane xxx

  2. Oh it has been so wet hasn’t it. It’s definitely not monsoon though. For that it needs to be warm too. The birds are busy in my garden too despite the rain. They have been feasting on worms and collecting nesting materials.

    • You are so right it certainly has NOT been warm enough to be a monsoon but the rain has and still is! Bless those birds they carry on no matter what the weather don’t they? Might make them little bird umbrellas!! : )

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