Sunday best no. 26

Well hello and how are you this Sunday afternoon? Good I am hoping. What have you been up to this weekend? Anything exciting? Our weekend has been very quiet and slow and that has been good as last week was a nasty sort of week and is best forgotten and never mentioned again (sticks tongue out at last week).

Now with tongue firmly back in my mouth I must tell you about our garden visitors. I have noticed Mr & Mrs Blackbird (I am assuming they are married but hey it’s 2012 so what the heck if they aren’t!) seem to have taken up residence in our garden and they are very sweet.

I then noticed Mrs (or Ms) Blackbird disappearing into a large bush very close to our back door with all kinds of sticks and other nest making paraphernalia. Mr Blackbird seems to be sitting in the apple tree keeping watch and he does look a little proud (if this is indeed possible).

Now I don’t know whether I am putting two and two together and coming up with 3, but if I am not mistaken I have a nesting blackbird in my garden and I am very excited!!!!

In honour of my little visitors I have chosen some blackbird related beauties for this week’s Sunday best. I hope you like them!

1. oak tree illustration by chasingthecrayon   2. raw – bar soap (‘naturally’ sweetened olive oil and aloe by blackbirdsoap   3. french country farmhouse nesting bowls by shoponalark   4. birds on a wire painting by abbie blackwell

A little tune by The Beatles – enjoy : )

I wish you a very happy and ‘chirpy’ week ahead and will update about the love birds as and when.

Take care.

Jane xx


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