Seaside…and relax

Hi lovely people and how is life treating you? Good I hope.

I haven’t been online so much lately but that’s okay. Other stuff has been taking up my time but this happens to us all doesn’t it, it’s life.

This weekend we are away at the seaside and boy this feels like a much needed break, it really does.

Just wanted to share a few photos with you and wish you a very happy and relaxed weekend.

The last image is a cyclamen I have in the house for years but it just never seems to do very well, growing a few leaves at a time. However it has grown just the one this time and it’s a beautiful perfect love heart…ahhh.

Take care and be happy…Jane xxxx


3 thoughts on “Seaside…and relax

    • We had such a lovely beach walk and the sun was shining even though we had rain all morning! Sooo need the break. Hope your holiday was lovely, can’t wait to hear. Have a wonderful weekend catching up slowly. Jane xxx

  1. I love the seaside whatever the weather but we live as far as you could get from it! My mum lives near the sea though so we HAVE to go when visiting her. Must visit soon! Lovely pictures.

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