Sunday best no. 25

Today lovely people the inspiration is…mint!

I created an etsy treasury the other day called ‘Mint Cream’ and the things I found were just so beautiful that I decided to have mint as my theme for this week’s Sunday best.

1. post earrings mint green heart by dariami   2. minty green bracelet celadon chalcedony gemstone by petitor   3. pillow cover ‘miss minty loves mr pistache’ by studiolilesadi   4. real leaf ring mint green by studio botanica

Mint is a really lovely colour and flavour, here are a few of my favourite minty things, I’d love to know yours too?

(my son is going to hate me for putting that about his minty kisses, but it’s true!)

I hope your weekend has been really lovely so far? Enjoy Sunday and have a fresh & minty week ahead!

Jane xxx


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