Sunday best no. 24

Why hello there and how are you? Has your weekend been a good one so far? I hope so. The sun is shining here and I feel a walk in the fresh air coming on!

Sunday best this week is inspired by a little wooden brooch I bought from this lady at a craft fair at the Millennium Gallery in Sheffield yesterday. There was lots of great stuff but this brooch really caught my eye and I love it! I also managed a look around this exhibition which was fantastic and well worth a visit.

So here goes, my wood inspired Sunday best, which by the way includes six choices this week as there were so many stunning things to choose from. I hope you like them! (I love no. 3 so much I bought it!)

1. organics wood ring with swarovski element by popins   2. geometric necklace, wood beaded trio, vintage brass chain, extra long by novella   3. autumn eco-friendly wooden brooch by ireneagh   4. weathered black mangrove ring by kellysparkles   5. wooden brooch/pendant – liberty of london and mahogany teal and jade vines by dustyjo   6. girl with bird illustrated wooden necklace by depeapa

Have a great week ahead lovely people and a wonderful Sunday.

Jane xx


6 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 24

  1. These are such pretty finds! So glad your weekend is going well. I cleaned a bunch yesterday–that good deep spring cleaning that is not fun, but feels so good once it’s finished! Then, some of our favorite friends came over or dinner. We ordered take-out sushi from a great place down the road.
    xoxo Elizabeth

  2. Oh yes that feeling after a good clean is soooo good Elizabeth, hope you are chilling out today! We saw good friends too last night! I hope you had a great time and enjoyed your sushi. We had Indian take-away and it was yummy. Have a great week ahead. Jane xx

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