This is where I should be

Have you ever had a moment when you feel so grounded and exactly where you should be that it leaves you a little overwhelmed? Well today I have had such a moment . I just suddenly thought ‘this is where I belong, where I am right now in my life’. It was such a lovely feeling and has really got me thinking today about what is truly important to me, so I made a list:

I know it would be impossible to feel like that constantly as life does deal out some c**p sometimes doesn’t it? But it was a really happy moment and I wish I could have just put it in a bottle for the next time life is not so good.

It’s just good for the soul sometimes to sit down and really think about the things you have got rather than the things you haven’t got. What would be on your list? I would love to know : )

Wishing you a happy Friday and a really great weekend!

Jane xx


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