More sunshine please

Today has truly been a good day and I know it was made better because although it has been chilly the sun has been out all day and it felt good. I know that sunshine lifts everyone’s mood but do you know until today I did not realise how much it lifts mine. I know this sounds a bit mad but I felt like I had come out of hibernation today.

The sun lay like a friendly arm across her shoulder.
Margorie Kinnan Rawlings

The sunset was lovely tonight (view from my bedroom window above) ending the day perfectly.

What a great start to the week. I hope you have had a great Monday too! What made you happy today?

Jane xx


2 thoughts on “More sunshine please

  1. So glad you had a good day! Lots of things made me happy today. Sunshine, a sweet compliment from the cute little girl who lives down the street, a homeade nutella dessert. One of those nice days when I am just content and thankful.

    • Oh Elizabeth I am so happy that your day was good too! Sometimes it’s the small things that can really make your day, a compliment, a simple smile : ) enjoy the rest of your week sweet friend xx

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