Sunday best no. 23

Hi and how are you? Has your weekend gone as fast as mine seems to have done?

Today it pretty much rained all day apart from a burst of sunshine late afternoon which was so pretty.

Due to the rain and the very grey sky, today’s Sunday best was going to be grey (sounds depressing but there are some gorgeous grey creations out there!) then the burst of sunshine inspired me to add a dash of gold too.

I hope you enjoy this week’s choices as much as me. They are truly stunning and I would like them all please!

1. grey and gold five beads necklace by anat sapir glass jewellery design   2. wool felt brooch, mustard embroidery on grey pebble – the winter sunlight brooch by the shiny jane company   3. hand embroidered wool felt hoop art in pewter grey, slate blue and pear gold by love maude   4. grey gold dipped large geo bead necklace by a merry mishap

I wish you a golden week ahead with as little grey sky as possible!

Jane xx


4 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 23

  1. You’ve found some lovely things here Jane. I’m quite a fan of the colour grey (apart from the sky) but the added splash of gold lifts it a mile!

    Hope you had a good weekend.

    Angela x

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