So near…

…and yet we have never been before! Hodsock Priory…half an hour’s drive from our house and it is so pretty.

The sun was desperately trying to squeeze itself through the clouds and only managed a few winks but still is was fairly warm. Hodsock Priory is one of the most peaceful places I have been in a long time. My husband and I had such a lovely time walking round the gardens and woods this morning and I would thoroughly recommend a visit if you are ever nearby. It’s quite famous for it’s snowdrops and there were lots there but they were starting to die off. Next year we will go a little earlier to see their full glory.

How has your week been? Good I am hoping.  Do you have any plans for your weekend? I’d love to know.

Whatever you have in mind I do hope you have a good one! Thanks for reading and take good care.

Jane xx


3 thoughts on “So near…

  1. Hi Jane,
    looks a great place to visit. hope you have a good weekend. and me? teaching all day today & tomorrow the girls need some new school tights so a spot of shopping and then hopefully a little time to play with either fabric, paper or paint while they do thier homework.

    have fun xx

    • Hi Ginny! I hope your weekend of teaching goes great, I would love to be coming along to one of your classes. I hope you get a little time to play with fabric, paper or paint too! I may do the same while my boy does some homework! You look gorgeous on any photo, with or without a fringe. Have a great weekend! Hodsock is really lovely, I have never seen a bed of cyclamen before, so pretty!! Take care xx

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