A bit of sunshine…

I think I jinxed the weather in yesterday’s post by hoping we all got some sunshine. It’s rained lots here today! Sorry if it’s rained where you are : (

Hope your Monday was a good one. Jane xx


6 thoughts on “A bit of sunshine…

  1. aw, so sorry you got rain today
    we got sunshine, but then it’s kind of the normal weather over here
    rain … we have … sometimes
    snow or fog … never 😛

  2. I will look at your photo & pretend that the weather is like that today. It’s not quite raining here, but it’s one of those damp, grey days that makes you wish you had never bothered getting out the hair straighteners!

    BUT, last week I managed to get shirts dry on the washing line so there is hope on the horizon 🙂

    Angela x

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