Sunday best no. 22

Hello and how are you? How has your weekend been? Great I hope! Mine has been very slow and I have liked it that way very much.

I have decided to start up my Sunday best feature again which I enjoyed very much last year. The last one was in November, which now seems like a million (slight exaggeration!) years ago.

I decided, after a comment from the lovely lady from madebypatch, about the wonderful ribbons and trims that my friend Sonia sent to me, to have the theme this week of ‘little houses’. I hope you enjoy my choices. They are all beautifully made by some very talented people who’s etsy shops hold many more delights!

1. tote bag – little houses by hello penny   2. dish set with little house by bailey bowls   3. little houses village on the hill sculptural wall art by NUTAK      4. tiny house earrings by shere design

I wish you a very happy week ahead and hope we all get lots of sunshine!

Take care and thanks for popping by.

Jane xx


7 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 22

  1. Last one in November ? Oh my, time flies !! Feels like yesterday !
    I also enjoy little houses, and I heart the ones on the wood piece.
    Have a great start to the week, Jane !

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