Sparkly and white

My goodness it seems like an eternity since my last post but it was only 2 weeks ago! I cannot believe we are already in February though, we are going to have to put the breaks on this year or it’s going to be Christmas again before we know it folks.

How was your week? Good I hope. Did you get things done that needed doing? Was it a creative week? I’d love to know.

My week was a little rocky at work as we will be having more cuts and this could well affect my job, but hey ho, I will cross that bridge when I get to it. Don’t get me wrong I am worried but I cannot change things so I am attempting to go with the flow for now. Positive, positive, positive!

I am having a bit of a sort out of all my craft stuff at home as it has got a bit ridiculous, especially paper and buttons! I can’t see the wood for the trees in my little craft room (spare bedroom) so it really does need attention! I am onto it and hopefully will feel a bit more creative once it is more ordered.

This weekend has been a slow and relaxing one plus we had lots of the sparkly white stuff yesterday so that made it even nicer.

I hope you have found time to relax this weekend and wish you a happy week ahead.

Jane xx


10 thoughts on “Sparkly and white

  1. Hi Jane! I hope everything turns out okay with work–the unknowing can be very stressful.
    We had a good week here–but lots of sunshine-no snow! My children are really hoping to see snow sometime this winter! (I may just have them look at your picture!)
    I was a little creative with my new aqua and tangerine wreath!
    xoxo Elizabeth

    • Thank you Elizabeth, it’s just a case of waiting but I am staying positive! I am so glad you had a good week and I really hope your children get the snow they want, it’ so exciting for children (and adults). All your creations are so wonderful just like you! Take care my friend xxx

  2. What a lovely blog! I felt so welcome as I arrived. A definite follow. Making stuff keeps me happy too. Hope this week is better than the last. Looking forward to your next post! Jx

  3. hello my friend,
    oh yes, you’re so right, time’s flying by soooo fast this year !
    I’m sorry about the situation at your work. It’s certainly stressful, and I am SO proud of you for being positive, for it isn’t that obvious & requires extra energy & awareness.
    YAY for decluttering too, it does so much good to the mind, helps you realize what you do have (or what you don’t !), makes you count your blessings, and helps you downsizing to what you really need (or actually use or feel inspired by)
    As for me, the end of the week was creative. Having my mother-in-law at home all week kind of froze my creativity … but I’m feeling on a roll right now, so everything’s fine ! I’ve been dyeing, having ideas, baking, making secret projects (shh) etc.
    So glad you had snow too, and wishing you a safe & happy week ahead !

    • Thank you for your kindness Sonia, you and Elizabeth are such beautiful people. I am so pleased you managed to fit in some creativity and long may your creative roll continue. The secret project sounds very exciting!! I hope 2012 is proving a good year for you so far my friend, you deserve the very best. Take care xxx

  4. I can’t believe that February is here already either! The bit of snow over the weekend has been nice for the kids though – we managed to make a snowman & get some sledging done, but it would be nice if it just quietly melted away now.

    Hope your job is o.k but you are doing the right thing by keeping positive – it’s amazing how things work out if you can stay in that frame of mind 🙂

    Angela x

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