…that’s what today’s ‘windy’ walk was all about.

I knew we needed some fresh air but boy has it been windy today! We left it until later, as I thought it would die down a little, but it didn’t, so despite the wind we ventured out into the park nearby and I took some photos of the trees there.

I don’t know what it is about trees, they are just there I suppose and maybe people don’t really think about them, but they are amazing aren’t they? So big and so part of the earth. Trees make me feel safe, like they will always be there, even when I am not anymore. Do you know what I mean? I am sounding like an old hippy aren’t I?

Anyway, I hope you had a lovely weekend and are looking forward to your week ahead, whatever it may hold.

Much love

Jane x


4 thoughts on “Trees…

  1. Hi Jane, Your pictures are so pretty! I have always loved bare branches against a winter sky. I can remember sitting with my grandmother on her front porch and talking with her about the beauty of the branches.

    Hope you and your family have a wonderful week!

    • Thank you for your comment Elizabeth and for always being there, it means so much to me. What a beautiful memory you have shared. Trees are truly amazing things. I wish you and your family a wonderful week ahead too. Jane xxx

  2. what a beautiful post, Jane ! I love that quote, it is so true. So many people overlook everything in life & in nature. Nature is an endless source of inspiration, one way or another. And I feel the same way about the trees as you. They take so long to grow, and can be SO strong & resist the most aweful things, like the ginkgo biloba during Hiroshima. They resisted the worse. Again, an inspiration for us humans.
    Have a wonderful week ahead ! Big hugs xoxo

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