Nearly two weeks in…

…and this New Year is still feeling positive!

How has your first (nearly) two weeks of 2012 been? Really great I hope. Do you have big plans for this year or are you just happy to coast along? Either sounds good to me!

I don’t have any major plans really, I just want this to be a happy and positive year with lots of laughing and good times, relaxation and time spent with the people I love.

Here are a couple of pics from the first few weeks of this year…

January sun bringing a strangely mild yet welcoming start to the year

Our park, a place of much happiness

Some new things in my shop, more to come soon

And, most importantly, tomorrow my wonderful son, who amazes me every day, turns 12! Happy Birthday J, you are loved more than words can say xx

There will be friends, swimming, pizza, cake and much noise I am sure!!

Thank you for taking time to read my blog.

Have a wonderful weekend.

Jane xxx


5 thoughts on “Nearly two weeks in…

  1. Hope your J had a wonderful birthday! How was the swimming and pizza? Sounds like the perfect birthday for a 12 year old!
    He sure is blessed to have a mom who adores him!

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