An impromptu Christmas wreath…

…in yellow and teal.

Hi and how is your weekend going? Great I hope!

While tidying out cupboards the other day I came across a plain natural wreath I had forgotten about.  I didn’t have any plans for it, hence the title of this blog post, but as my husband had brought down the Christmas decorations from the loft, I knew there would be lots of bits and bobs I could use to sparkle it up a bit.

I came across a spare bit of tinsel that looked like it had been chopped off a longer piece, some rather nice yellow baubles that weren’t going on the main tree plus a lovely bird decoration that I actually pinched from the main tree (it didn’t protest).

I pushed one end of the tinsel in the natural wreath to secure it and then wrapped it around nearly half way and tucked the other end in. I then hung the baubles at the top, clipped the bird to the bottom, made and added some blue felt roses and voila, one Festive wreath! Impromptu and pretty easy to put together.

 The natural wreath itself was not very expensive and using decorations you already have saves money too!

Hi from these little fellows too! My son and I made these quite a few years ago following  this tutorial. Have fun!!


4 thoughts on “An impromptu Christmas wreath…

  1. Hey,

    The wreath is really pretty, especially the yellow bird! I love birds on Christmas Trees. I’d actually love to fill one with just birds but can you imagine the cost! Haha.

    The ‘Little Fellow’s are really cute too and thank you for sharing the link. I wondered how the little hats were made! I’m thinking this idea would be fab on little eggs for easter!


    • The bird is my favourite thing too Lisa. We loved making the choir, I might make some more!! And yes, they would be great for Easter eggs, may give that a try next year. Take care and thanks for popping by, it is much appreciated.
      Jane xxx

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