Sunday best no. 21

Hello lovely people and how has your week/weekend been? Good I hope!!

This week for Sunday best I thought I would do a bit of a Festive gift guide for those with a music loving male in their life. Could be your brother, dad, husband, son… or in my case my husband and my son!! It can sometimes be really hard to know what to buy someone who is really into music apart from the obvious like a CD. So here it is, my Christmas gift guide for that muso male in your life… rock on!!

Have a great week ahead.

Jane xx

1. tshirt by the shirt dudes  2. rock ‘n’ roll red moleskin (sketch) music journal by blackbird and peacock  3. guitar pick necklace by beck originals 4. retro geek print by handz   5. electric guitar necktie by scatterbrain ties   6. etched nickel silver drum set pendant with necklace by etched audio


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