This is why I love handmade

  • There are so many beautiful handmade things out there
  • There is something for everyone’s taste and style
  • Handmade = made with care, love and passion
  • the handmade world is full of incredibly nice, generous people
  • It makes me so happy to buy something that someone has created with their own hands

I want to say a big thank you also to Sonia from cozy homemaking for the prize I have won as part of her giveaway last week. My parcel arrived today and to say I am pleased is an understatement.

I also purchased one of these from June Craft as a Christmas gift to a lovely friend of mine and I just know she is going to love it! Thanks Kayanna.

This is the handmade I love and I am proud to support it as much as I can!

Have a lovely end to your week and a wonderful weekend, whatever you have planned.

Jane xx


4 thoughts on “This is why I love handmade

  1. oh me oh my, so you have received my parcel 😀 yeepie !
    thank YOU for supporting handmade, and for hand-making too, obviously, and very beautifully !
    the coasters are cheerful little things, aren’t they ? I LOVED making them, they made me smile all the way 🙂
    Kayanna makes such beautiful things too, I have a print of hers in my kitchen, and one in my bedroom & I love them !

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