Christmas…bring it on!!!!

Like lots of other folk I love Christmas. I cannot wait to decorate the house and crack open the scented candles!!

One thing (well 3 actually) that have made me so giddy and OH SO CHRISTMASSY are some wonderful ceramic Christmas Trees made by the very talented Caroline Lee. I have had my eye on some since last year, they are truly wonderful and I am so happy that I bought some yesterday at a Christmas Fair at Rotherham Minster. A little festive treat for myself.

Caroline makes some really beautiful and unique pieces, I admire her work very much indeed. I have 3 other pieces by Caroline, that came as a set, my mum bought them for me a few years ago and I absolutely adore them, they take pride of place on my mantel.

Do you have any ceramics that are special to you? I would love to know.

Have a really great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead!

Jane xx


5 thoughts on “Christmas…bring it on!!!!

  1. oh these trees are totally gorgeous ! I understand why you got them !
    I am oh so late at feeling christmassy & starting to get things ready, this year … for the reasons you know. I remember a year when I was a teen, I had set up the tree (at my parents’ house) mid-October ! LOL I called myself crazy, I tell ya !

    • Love your story about Christmas beginning in October, I would have it starting then if I could Sonia!!! The ceramic trees are divine aren’t they? Caroline is very clever.

      I can totally understand why Christmas is taking a while to get around to for you this year Sonia but you will get there.

      Jane xxxxx

    • They are beautiful aren’t they Elizabeth!!

      I would love to see your son and daughter’s ceramic pieces and it is only right they have pride of place. My son is more of a painter and a drawer so we have his artwork dotted about the house.

      I hope you have a really lovely week too!!
      Take care friend.
      Jane xx

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