Sunday best no. 20

The other evening my son and I were eating our jacket potatoes and we decided that they are the no. 1 comfort food on a cold November day. Close runners up were mashed potato, soup and toast with butter (and a cuppa of course!). What is your favourite comfort food?

This week I decided to go with the comfort food feeling for Sunday best, here are my comfy, cosy choices.

Have a great Sunday and a wonderful week ahead.

Jane xx

1. nestling orange and yellow bowls by catherine reece

2. white frilly cups tea towel by charlotte macey textiles

3. amber lap blanket by the knit box

4. mobius wrap cowl and shawl by wrapture by inese


4 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 20

    • The cowl is lovely isn’t it, they all are to be honest. I love cosy stuff!! A jacket potato is a baked potato. Not sure whether it may be Northern England thing, it’s just what I have always called them that from being tiny!! It’s kind of cute to think of potatoes in jackets!! Jane xx

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