Sunday best no.18

Hello, how has your week been?

Mine seems to have flown, actually every week seems to fly these days! Do you feel the same? I sometimes think that time goes so fast because in my job we always seem to be planning two months in advance.

This week I have had a really lovely piece of work to do which involved sourcing styles and briefing our designer on promotional material for christmas events (see what I mean, Christmas in October!). The designer really listened to my brief and I am so happy with the designs he has come up with, they have a real scandinavian feel, so I thought this week’s Sunday best should too.

I really love everything especially the lanterns, I think I will have to buy some! I hope you like this week’s choices too. Which is your favourite?

Do take care lovely people and I hope your week ahead is good to you.

Jane xxx

1. hand printed original lino print christmas trees card pack by mangle prints   2. handpainted scented clay tree decorations by the orchard   3. red & white bird mp3/ipod/mobile phone pouch by phoebe bee bee   4. shine reversible paper lanterns by jurianne matter


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