Sunday best no.17

Ah, the 70’s, when life was all about playing out, building dens, playing with Cindy dolls and generally not having a care in the world.

This week’s Sunday best is all about the 1970’s! I have been designing some 70’s inspired cards for my shop (more to go in next week) which made me think about my childhood and all the great things about it.

Ponchos, fantastic kids TV shows (Rainbow – what a classic!), my favourite toadstool T-shirt and all the random yet fabulous colour combinations! Was it an era of bad taste? No it was not! It was brilliant; summers were hot, winters were cold and roller discos were the place to go! Oh, the memories.


What reminds you of your childhood? I would love to know!

Anyhow, enough of my reminiscing and on with Sunday best. I hope you like my choices.

Have a great Sunday and a lovely week ahead.

Take care.

Jane xx

1. designer decorative cushion pillow cover of vintage 1970’s geometric shape print by pillows4fun   2. rainbow necklace by hippie kingdom   3. toadstool heart hottie wheat bag with lavender by beaky   4. red poncho/capelet with flower brooch by naboavaiela


2 thoughts on “Sunday best no.17

  1. Hi Jane! I love your new cards. You are so talented! Great 70’s inspired items– I think of all of my favorite clothes I wore when I was little. I had a rockin’ white t-shirt with a kitty cat on the front and my name on the back spelled with rainbow letters!

    • Thanks Elizabeth!! That t-shirt sounds fabulous, we would have looked great together, you with your kitty kat and me with my toadstool – cool kids or what?!!!! I am glad you like the cards, I don’t think I am talented but thanks so much for your lovely compliment, it means a lot to me xxxx

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