Sunday best no. 15

Hello lovely people and welcome to Sunday best no. 15!

This week is school uniform inspired. ‘What?!’ I hear you cry. ‘Green and brown?’ Oh yes my school uniform was green and brown and for years after I left school I hated both colours (for clothes), especially brown. The green blouses did change to cream eventually but the brown stayed. It has literally taken up until a few years ago for me to introduce brown into my wardrobe and I kinda like it now.

But green and brown can look nice together as I have found out with this week’s choices for Sunday best.

What I want to know is how come my son gets to wear black and red for school? It’s like so not fair!!!

I hope you are having a great start to October. Enjoy your Sunday and hey I would love to know the colours you wore at school!

Have a great week ahead.

Jane xx

1. small ceramic serving bowl by hope johnson   2. vintage brown/ivory/green striped armchair by metrosofa   3. brown green crochet flower handbag by mojo spa style    4. autumn jewellery wooden heart brooch by the crimson moon


4 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 15

  1. beautiful warm tones for today’s selection ! I love the brooch & bag best.
    we don’t have uniforms in school in France, so I can’t answer your question !!!
    I hope you’re having a nice Sunday. It’s still 30°C here, and I’m stamping “HAPPY HOLIDAYS” & you know what … it feels weirdo ! LOL

  2. I LOVE that brooch too Sonia!!! Sunday has been great thanks, a little cooler here thankfully. I bet it feels weird stamping Happy Holidays in that heat!!! Hope it cools for you soon. Take care of you and yours. Jane xx

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