Autumn beauty…

… I think?

Well goodness me it’s hot, it’s so hot I genuinely feel a little confused. I know it’s autumn because I know tomorrow is the first day of October but the weather is just saying something completely different.

Don’t get me wrong the sun is lovely but it’s not autumn weather is it? Where is the crispness in the air, that smell (you know the one I mean!). It smells like summer out their folks and it simply won’t do!

If I can’t wear a jumper next week I am going to stamp my feet and maybe even throw myself on the floor and kick a bit.

Anyhow, I want to wish you a happy month ahead with much jumper wearing and dare I say it perhaps the odd scarf.

Take care and have a relaxing and peaceful weekend.

Jane xx

p.s I know it’s autumn anyway because I have photographic evidence, so there!!


2 thoughts on “Autumn beauty…

  1. oh yes !!! your photos say it’s autumn, but (since it’s the same over here) it feels like summer for sure. Well, over here, it’s like that most of the time … can you feel my pain ?? I love a cozy, chilly kind of weather, and the heat & sun is kind of wearing me out now !
    I love the last photo, the leaf at the bottom seems to be smiling & I LOVE that 😀
    have yourself a happy (sunny) weekend my friend ! Take care & enjoy your time ! oxox

  2. Hello lovely Sonia. I can feel your pain my friend for sure, I am sweating here I tell you and it’s so very nearly October!! Here’s to chillier, cozier days and soon, no rain though!! Have a wonderful weekend yourself and it’s so nice that you are back. I have decided myself not to feel pressured (only from myself) to be present as much and just enjoy tweeting and blogging at my own pace. Take care lovely kind friend. J xxx

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