Sunday best no. 14

Happy Sunday lovely people! How was last week? Truly good I hope.

How have you spent your weekend? Ours has been slow but in a good way. These two days do go far too fast though and Monday seems to be here before you know it. But I suppose a new week is the chance for something amazing to happen so that’s good.

This week’s Sunday best is inspired by the colours yellow and grey. I think these two colours go so wonderfully together, it’s a really classy combination. What are your favourite colour combos?

1. grey and yellow crocheted cushion cover by to who?   2. yellow and grey ruggedy round earrings in sterling silver from signature by natonia   3. linen zipper purse grey and yellow leaves by marabara design   4. pot holders linen set of two from handmade by sima

Thanks so much for popping by to my little space on the net, I love to have visitors.

Take care and a happy week ahead to you all!

Jane xx


2 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 14

    • We both have such good taste Elizabeth!!! I am so glad you enjoy it. It’s a good way also for me to log things I like for gifts to others or even for treating myself!! Take good care. Jane xx

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