Sunday best no. 13

Hello lovely people and how are you this Sunday? Really good I hope!

My week has been a good one and we appear to have settled into our new routine pretty well, which is great! Change can be hard to deal with sometimes but I feel pretty positive about it now.

This week’s Sunday best is inspired by change but seasonal not emotional. Autumn in upon us as indicated by the beauty of the red and yellow in our virginia creeper.

Also I have decided to go with four choices each week instead of six as it can be so time consuming.

Have a great Sunday and I wish you the strength to deal with any changes you have to face in your week ahead.

Take good care of yourselves.

Jane xxx

1. autumn acorn wreath with oak leaves by the baker’s daughter   2. autumn hair accessories by polka dot skies    3. harvest gold tote bag by janny’s girl   4. autumn clutch – set of three by shibang designs bridal


4 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 13

  1. Jane, once again you have selected such lovely items! I am very flattered to have my ponytail buttons included in your lovely collection. Thank you so much! Your Sunday Best list has me looking forward to fall weather!
    Hope you have a good week,

  2. Hey Jane,

    Glad you have had a good week 🙂

    I was just talking about the autumn colours with a friend today. Although I hate the cold weather, I do love the colours that come with this season. These little bobbles are really cute and as I hardly ever seem to take my hair out of a ponytail these days, I may treat myself!

    Take care and have a good week ahead too. xx

    • Thanks Lisa!!Elizabeth at Polka Dot Skies has so many wonderful things in her shop. I don’t mind the cold so much and love the colours of autumn and winter but I hate the short days, it kills me! Take care. J xx

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