Sunday best no.12

Hello and how are you today? How has your weekend been? Good I hope.

I have not had much time at all this weekend as I have worked  on a vintage vehicle rally as part of my day job so I have only had chance to find four Sunday best choices.

This week has been quite an emotional one for me (and lots of other parents) as my lovely boy started secondary school on Tuesday. He had a pretty good week apart from a blip on Thursday which seems to have sorted itself out (fingers crossed, touch wood etc).

I really feel like I have let go of a part of my life as I knew it and it has hit me like a tonne of bricks to be honest. The child I have protected (I know this won’t stop) now has more independence, he has let go of the apron strings so to speak and has many new horizons ahead of him. One door has closed and another has opened and while this is very exciting it is also tinged with sadness too (for me).

I am aware this all sounds very dramatic but that’s how I have felt this week. I know we will get into our new rhythm and all will be well but it may take a while.

I hope you enjoy Sunday best no. 12, which I am sure you will notice, expresses my feelings on the week.

Thanks for reading my ramblings (I feel better for writing that down) and have a wonderful new week ahead lovely people.

Jane xxx


1. old church door sepia photo art print by bonnie bruno photography   2. open door original water-colour  from ursa studio   3. the gracie demi apron by choisette   4. sky and water – on the horizon fine art landscape by lynda naranjo


4 thoughts on “Sunday best no.12

  1. Jane, I’m glad your son’s first week went well. (except for that blip on Thursday) We are experiencing our ups and downs with my son starting middle school. Thankfully, mostly ups. My their blips be few and far between this year!
    Sending you a big hug as your son starts to spread his wings a little bit… It’s going to be okay.

    • Elizabeth, thank you for your kind words, you really are so lovely. I hope both our sons will be so happy in their new adventure in life. I know deep down it will all be okay but you just want them to settle in and feel part of it all. I am glad your son is having mostly ups, that is great to hear. Big hug back to you my friend and have a great week ahead. J xxx

  2. what is that saying? “When one door closes, another one opens.” I think that sums it up Jane. Good things, NEW things are coming your way and I think your son may need you now more than ever – especially in an emotional mother kind of way.
    *BIG HUG* xoxo

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