Sunday best no.11

After a rather ducktastic week and actually an equally feather-filled weekend I have decided to follow that theme with a feathery Sunday best!

How is your weekend going? Good I hope!

This is our last weekend of the summer break and the last before my ‘little boy’ starts secondary school. Argghhhh! How did that happen??? He is a little worried and a little excited so I guess that is good? I am very worried and a little excited at the new chapter in all our lives.

 If you have kids going back to school or starting a new school then I hope it all goes well.

Thanks for popping by!

Have a great Sunday and a lovely week ahead.

Take care of you and yours.

Jane xx

1. rustic hessian feather cushion cover by rustic country crafts    2. bird painting nuthatch watercolour – print by amber alexander    3. porcelain duck tealight by luna lighting   4. screen printed jersey scarf in army green with aqua blue peacock feathers by michelle brusegaard   5. light as a feather art print by lovely sweet william   6. small sterling silver peacock feather silhouette pendant necklace by minerals and metalwork


One thought on “Sunday best no.11

  1. what a harmonious selection, Jane ! very lovely !
    so glad to read you had a super week & a great last weekend of summer vacations
    yep, back to school for us too, tomorrow
    trying to have the boys relaxed about it, but I’ve always feel anxious about it when I was their age …
    have a great afternoon !
    xoxo hugs

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