Cherry scones

Inspired by Sonia at cozy homemaking who tweeted a lovely image of some stunning looking muffins she made earlier today, I decided to make some cherry scones.

My mum is one of the best bakers I know but unfortunately I did not inherit her skills. I bake with trepidation, always ready for certain failure. Not today though my good people. Having lunch with my mum and dad earlier a little of her baking magic must have rubbed off on me for I have made THE most delicious cherry scones ever (blows own trumpet very proudly!)

If you would like the recipe (from Be-ro) please click on the image below and it will take you straight to the recipe on their website. Please note: I replaced the dried fruit in the recipe with glace cherries, as many or as few as you like (I put loads in there!).

I really am going to have to bake more often, it tastes so much nicer than bought stuff and always takes far less time that I think it will.

What is your favourite kind of scone? Mine is cherry but a friend of ours, who is also an amazing baker, once made some chocolate and orange scones and they were to die for!

Anyway lovely people I am off for another scone (diet, what diet?).

Have a great week ahead.

Jane x


3 thoughts on “Cherry scones

  1. ahah, you’re right, which diet ?! LOL
    I’ve prepared my post for tomorrow, with the muffin recipe included
    so happy my muffins inspired you to bake some wonderful goodies !
    I’ve never tried scones with something in it, just the plain ones, with raspberry jam & cream. I remember eating these, last year, at Salisbury’s cathedral little café. It was so yummy !
    Have a nice evening & good luck for tomorrow !

  2. Thanks for the inspiration Sonia! Can’t wait for the muffin recipe!!! They looked so delicious. Cherry scones are sooooo nice, you should try them. With just butter on they are so lovely and with the sweetness of the cherries you don’t need anything else. Good luck to your boys tomorrow. My boy starts on Tuesday so he has one more free day!! Take care. Jane xxxx

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