Sunday best no. 10

Today I feel in a green and blue mood (whatever this is?) so I decided to reflect this in my Sunday best for this week. We are off on holiday soon and I was thinking of the sea so I suppose the blue and green came from there.

I REALLY would like any of my choices this week because they are all so beautiful and I think the colours are so calming.

1. hemp blend table runner in pea green and turquoise by fuzzy lumpkin crochet    2. water resistant nylon pumpkin bag in apple green by tippythai   3. welcome change (rustic green) print by papermoth   4. teal fan clutch bag by red ruby rose  5. blue ribbon porcelain picture by beverley gee        6. daisy chain ceramic butterfly artwork by amos denton designs

I hope you have had a wonderful weekend? I will not be around for a few days so I wish you a great week ahead!

Take care and thanks for popping by.

Jane xx


7 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 10

    • Oh thanks Elizabeth, I am so glad you like Sunday best. I just love looking through all the beautiful things people make! I hope your weekend was good, take care and thanks again. Jane xx

  1. hi Jane,
    I like your selection very much ! I love most everything, you have a great eye for selecting them, and I know it must have taken a bunch of time, so thanks for taking this time for us all.
    Hoping you had a great weekend !
    Talk to you very soon oxox

    • That is so kind Sonia and I am so glad you like the selection this week. It does take time but it’s something I enjoy, there are just so many clever people out there. I had a slow but great weekend thanks and hope yours was great too! Take care and chat soon. J xx

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