Fifteen years ago today…

…I got married to this funny, talented, musical, loving, caring, sometimes frustrating man.

We are neither of us perfect but I do think we are perfect for each other.

We know each other so well yet always have something to talk about even if it’s a load of rubbish!

He’s no good at romance but that’s okay ’cause he can play me nice tunes on the piano and he still makes me laugh.

We have raised our wonderful boy together and are both so proud of him even though he appears to have inherited his dad’s penchant for sarcasm!

Our marriage is not perfect but that suits us because that’s what makes it real and interesting.

Thank you for the last 15 years and here’s to many more!!

J xx


10 thoughts on “Fifteen years ago today…

  1. Thank you Sonia! The time just seems to have gone in a flash. We look so much younger on our wedding pictures but hey ho age catches us all eventually. I hope we have lots more years together xx

  2. a belated happy anniversary to you both. your man sounds a little like mine.(piano & lack of romance, though he is getting better). we will be celebrating 15yrs in a few weeks too. xx

  3. Thanks Ginny!! 15 years too! Doesn’t time go fast, only seems like 2 minutes since our wedding day but then on the other hand it seems like ages ago sometimes (if that makes sense!). My husband has yet to improve on the romance front but you can’t have everything can you! Take care Jane xx

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