Sunday best no. 7

Hello and I hope you are having a wonderful Sunday. Mine has been relaxed and fairly slow but in a good way and even better I am not working tomorrow!

This week’s Sunday best is all about the blue, I hope you like my choices.

Have a great week ahead and take care.

Jane xx

1. liberty peacock clutch bag by red ruby rose   2. blue ceramic button textured coasters by lauren denney   3. graffiti swiss blue necklace by camali design            4. turquoise bracelet by simply you jewelry   5. ceramic pinch jug by penny spooner ceramics   6. set of six tags blue tits and blue flowers by claryce designs


5 thoughts on “Sunday best no. 7

  1. hello my friend !
    yet another lovely selection, I love blue so much !
    my fav are the coasters, bracelet & jug !
    so happy you had a nice weekend & YAY for not working tomorrow !!!
    thank you so much for all the kind & supportive words you left on my blog, and that you’ve expressed to me the last months, it means the world to me.

    • Hi Sonia, I think you picked my favourites too!! Although I would have any of these items in a flash, they are all so beautiful. I was so happy to read your last post and so proud of you. It is nice to have support from you too, supporting one another is what the world should be about and it’s my honor to support such a lovely and talented human being as yourself xx

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