Busy as a…


But phew it was worth it because I am just about done ironing, tidying, cleaning and packing for our holiday. I cannot wait to go!

I am glad I have been so busy as it has kept my mind off thinking about it being my son’s last day at junior school. I actually cried in the playground this morning (what a fool!!).

Anyway, just wanted to say a quick hello and goodbye (anyone would think I was emigrating!) before I go and that I hope you have a great week ahead folks!

Take care and look after yourselves.

Jane xxx

p.s. Hope you like the bee images. I took them this morning, the plant they are on just attracts them like mad, which is great!! I love the one with its fluffy little bum in full view!! I almost wanted to give it a stroke but didn’t think it would take too kindly.

Not quite sure how bees stand on having their bums stroked : )


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