This week…

…has pretty much flown like most weeks seem to these days. Am I alone in thinking time has somehow, in a Dr Whoesque kind of way, got faster at passing? Or is it that now I am 43 my memory is not as good as it was, therefore rendering me unable to remember whole days passing by?                  I suspect the latter personally.

Anyway, I digress. The reason for this post is to just say thank you to a lovely lady called Rhiannon whom I have met as part of the Craftaholics Anonymous Gift Exchange thingamajig. We were partnered up and have emailed each other quite a few times with chatter about this and that and she is a very nice lady. Her blog is called pretty petal handmade and it’s a lovely read if you fancy a trip over there! She also makes very cute things and here is what she made especially for me.

How cute is this?!

I sent Rhainnon these (a felt corsage cuff and matching brooch) as part of the exchange and she loved them and has blogged about them here.

Other news this week is a family outing to see the band Eels, who absolutely rocked Leeds O2 Academy on Tuesday night. We took the actual kooksgingerboy and ‘boy’ did he love it!! We waited around after the gig (I am 43 and felt ridiculous but it had to be done!). The lovely and gracious bass player Tiny Al (not at all tiny I will tell you!) appeared after a short while and signed my boys’ t-shirt and picked him right up onto his shoulder while mum (that’s me) took a photo! Cool or what? My boy was grinning from ear to ear and a good night was had by all.

Well I have rambled on haven’t I? Sorry about that!

Have a great weekend!

Jane x

p.s. there is still time to enter my giveaway, see previous post.


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