Sunday best no. 4

I have absolutely no idea how it gets round to Sunday so quickly each week?

Here are my best for today, and yes, I have gone a bit dotty!

Can you ‘spot’ anything you like?

I adore them all!!

Have a great Sunday and a wondeful week ahead.

Jane xx

1. mini round drawstring beach bag by rosie jo’s

2. red poppies aqua print by alice in paris

3. button bracelet by button it

4. blue and white polka dot napkins by charlotte handmade

5. button ponytail holders by polkadotskies

6. stripes and big spots large vase by owl creek ceramics



One thought on “Sunday best no. 4

  1. Jane, Thank you so much for including my ponytail buttons! I love all of your dotty finds!
    Alice in Paris is one of my favorite shops. I have one of her colorful prints in our home:)
    Wishing you the very best this Sunday!

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