Meet the girls giveaway!

After some much enjoyed pencil drawing I finally have three girls I am quite proud of. I blogged about them last Friday and got some really kind feedback (thank you girls – real ones, not pencil drawings!).

I have decided therefore to have another little giveaway. All I want in return is for you to tell me which girl is your favourite and what you would call her. Also if you could tweet:

Meet the girls giveaway over at

It would be much appreciated.

The winner will receive 6 greeting cards (2 of each girl) plus some other yummy goodies including a ceramic coaster, Yorkshire cookery books and more!

 The closing date will be next Monday (18th July 2011)

Best of luck!

Jane xx


7 thoughts on “Meet the girls giveaway!

  1. i love the one with the yellow and blue baloon as i imagine thats what my grand daughter will look like shes only 12weeks old at the moment.i would call her Kiera.
    Angie C

  2. My favorite one is the one with the pink button balloon, and I’d name her Rose. Be well while I’ll be away. And thank you for the most wonderful giveaway, Jane !

  3. clockwise from top left i’d call them jemima, peggy and clem and peggy is definitely my fave! they’re so beautiful! well done x

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