Sunday best…

…is going to be something new to my blog.

Sunday evening my husband is either working or he goes to visit his friend and they play/talk music so I am usually crafting/on Twitter/surfing the net. There are so many wonderful things out there, so every Sunday I am going to do a blog post of the things I find that either inspire me or are just plain lovely. Sometimes it will have a theme and sometimes is will just be random.

I know this is something a lot of bloggers already do, but I just like the idea of having lots of things that inspire me or make me feel happy here on my blog where I can take a look whenever I want.

Today’s theme is poppies and I hope you enjoy my choices.

Have a great week ahead!

Jane x

I want this bangle!! It’s by TrendeFemme and I think it is just so, so pretty.

Crimson Poppy Bangle (in black) -- Made to Order

How amazingly beautiful is this scarf by Mirjana Gotovac? I cannot stop looking at it!

Felted Poppy Field Scarf

This wonderful print just makes me happy looking at it and is by artist Heather Galler

8x10 PRINT - Red Poppies

This absolutely stunning hand painted salad bowl by Sally Mara Art 

Garden Delight Bowl

This wonderfully colourful screen-print is by Katie Blair Designs 

Evening Poppies (Hand-pulled screenprint)


3 thoughts on “Sunday best…

  1. I really like this new series of yours, Jane !
    I think the scarf is my favorite, but everything is lovely, really !
    Have a wonderful rest of your Sunday evening

  2. Hi, I found you via a comment you left on another blog and reckon we must be neighbours as I live in the next village to Wentworth. I LOVE your blog. xxx

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