This week…

…I was lucky enough to go on a school trip with my son, sadly perhaps the last one ever as he moves up to comprehensive school in September (I honestly do not know how time went so fast *wipes tear from eye*).

We visited a wonderful place called Eden Camp in North Yorkshire, a museum which covers British social and military history from 1914 and is well worth a look.

All the children were asked to dress as evacuees from World War II and they all looked absolutely brilliant, I felt quite emotional looking at them all. In fact the whole trip was great and the museum was so interesting, especially the social history side of it.

I know this might sound silly but it was all quite emotional, thinking what people went through during the war and how they just got on with it coupled with the fact that I had an overwhelming feeling of my son growing up. It made me realise how lucky I am and that you have to try not to take everyday life for granted. It made me feel incredibly grateful…

…for my wonderful family and all the memories we share together

for the food on our table

for our lovely comfortable home

for friends

for the hugs I get from my son

for my health

for the many, many things that make my life a happy one…

…and whenever I feel down or like life is running away with me again I am going to come back and look at this blog post and remind myself exactly what I have.

I hope your weekend is treating you well, enjoy the rest of it, I know I am going to!

Jane xx


6 thoughts on “This week…

    • Oh Elizabeth we know how each other feels now. How does time fly by so fast? We have sons the same age then? I am a real sentimental wreck this week but a grateful one too!! Take care friend and have a great rest of your weekend! Jane xxxx

  1. we must take anything for granted, you never know what life can throw at you
    counting our blessings everyday is the wisest thing to do, as well as enjoying each moment as it comes
    sending you tons of hugs & wishing you a wonderful day today !

  2. Jane, your son looks adorable in his costume! I get emotional as well when I think of what others have had to go thru…makes for a good perspective.
    Your boy is getting bigger! but he probably needs you even more now….the tough stuff is coming up I hear.

    • Oh Liz, you just made me cry (emotional wreck!). To put things in perspective is the best way to get through life. No matter how tough times are you can guarantee there is gonna be someone worse off. I am sure James is going to need us still even if he doesn’t think he does. Heck I still need my parents now and I am 43!!! I hope you and yours are well Liz? How is P.Art progressing? Did you get my parcel yet? Jane xx

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