Happiness is…

…a bird singing

the trees rustling

the warmth on my skin

a cotton wool cloud

covers the sun for a moment

enough to cool me

in anticipation of

the next burst of glorious rays

clothes swaying on the line

plants lapping up the sun

after yesterdays rain

this is my space

my sanctuary

and all is well.

I hope you have had a great weekend and that whatever life holds for you right now you find some time to spend in your sanctuary.

Jane xx


2 thoughts on “Happiness is…

  1. now look at that, the month of May has almost passed & what a horror, I had not even stopped by your blog for this last post !! Heeeelp, see how much I am overwhelmed ?! Sorry for the lack of visit here, but at least we have Twitter for staying in touch always !

    • Thanks so much for stopping by Sonia. I know what you mean, this year is whizzing by so fast I can hardly keep up!! We have plenty of chats on twitter so all is well. Take care my friend. Jane xx

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