Royal wedding I hear you say…

…haven’t heard a thing about it!

Only kidding folks. In honor of the big day I am having a little giveaway. For your chance to own this beautiful aqua blue felt corsage and matching hair pin simply leave me a comment with your four ‘must have’ wedding guests (alive or dead) and the reasons, if you like, and I will choose a winner on Friday 6th May.

Just in case you want to know, mine would have been (as I am already married):

My Nan (my mum’s mum who died when I was 7 and whom I would so love to have known more)

Van Gogh (in the hopes that he would paint my wedding day – that would make a great wedding album!)

Stephen Fry (to make everyone laugh with his charm and wit)

The band Eels (to play at my reception)

WOW! What a wedding that would have been!!

I hasten to add that my wedding day was lovely without all these added extras!

Well good people, there are only two days to go, so dust down your best togs, buy your bottle of Pimm’s and look forward to a Right Royal Knees-up!

Best of luck for the giveaway!

Jane xx


8 thoughts on “Royal wedding I hear you say…

  1. oooh! this is FUN Jane!

    I would have, Elvis – because I have been infatuated w/him since I can remember
    My grandfather Smets – because I adored him
    Judy Garland – why not? she could get all boozy and make it interesting!
    Camille Claudelle – just to meet her!


  2. Cute corsage and clip!

    I am already married, but I would have loved to have all four of my grandparents at my wedding. Three of my granparents passed away before I got married and my surviving grandma was too ill and frail to travel to my wedding and actually passed away soon after.

  3. Oh Jane, that is so kind & generous of you ! I just retweeted it, I hope it’ll bring you a couple of participants.
    I’m already married, as you know too, but if I had to invite four people, two of them would be my two grandmas, who had passed away not even a year before I married, and I’d also invite my best friend (I didn’t know her yet of course), and lastly … er let me see … Damien Rice, so he could sing for my wedding 😉 ahah
    thanks for the opportunity to win your gorgeous corsage !

  4. i would love to marry my husband again and wear a white dress this time, i was a scarlet woman the first time
    i would invite
    jarvis cocker in case my husband didn’t show
    ingrid bergman (for him) if i didn’t show
    and our two daughters to share in our special day : )

  5. I am already married but I would choose Mozart (my favourite composer) to play on arrival, Lesley Garret (she grew up locally, is always upbeat & genuine) to sing whilst register signed, Cannon John Young (who was my College Chaplain -author and Evangelist) to marry us and….my Mum’s Mum -Grandma Flo who died in 1988 – I would have loved for her to meet my hubby.

  6. Your creations are lovely! My daughter and I are looking forward to the big event!
    I would invite my grandmother too. She has been gone for 11 years, but I still miss her and would love to see her one more time! Her favorite color was blue!
    I would invite Jonathan Green. One of my very favorite artists because of his colorful paintings!
    Chris Martin of Coldplay because he is so talented and seems like a really nice person.
    And my sister because she means the world to me!

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