Creative jam

I really love Jammie Dodger biscuits and usually once the packet is opened they’ve gone! Well right now I can’t have any as I am being a good girl and trying not to eat them (along with lots of other nice food) in a bid to shed a few pounds.

Tonight I thought I would look around and see how many yummy versions of my favourite biscuit I could find, so take a look at these beauties and they are all calorie free! What is your favourite sweet treat?


This lovely mug is from drift living. Tea has just got to taste delicious out of this!

Jammy Dodger Mug

Yummy felt Jammie Dodger from British Cream Tea. Good enough to eat!

Jammie Dodger Recycled Felt Food Sculpture

Divine crocheted delights from Treaclezoo. These are just so lovely.

Large image

This amazing piece of art from Diane McLellon. I would love this.

And last but not least, who could fail to like this little sweetie from Asking for Trouble

Jammie Dodger Mini Bag


Pass me a jammie dodger quick!


2 thoughts on “Creative jam

  1. oh my – that painting by Diane is fantastic! I would have to say, my weakness is a powdered donut! I have to have one once or twice a week! I’m trying to shed a few lb’s myself, and that doesn’t help me much!

    • Oh Liz, isn’t it awful having to deny yourself things you love to eat but I have far too much winter podge!! I may treat myself to a couple of jammie dodgers this week though. The painting is great isn’t it. All the other items are so cool too!

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